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• Topaz 24-1C Combi Sunbed

Look beautiful, feel great
A perfectly even full-body tan

Full-body solarium with ambient scent and Philips Active Speakers with audio input,
24 Cleo Performance S tubes, built-in PowerTan facial tanner, integrated body cooling
and curved bed design for an even tan all over.

Experience great tanning results

• Cleo Performance S tubes for high tanning effectiveness
• High Performance facial with powerful 400W lamp
• Optimised side tanning for an even tan all over

Enjoyable tanning
• Stereo Active sound module to connect a CD or MP3 player
• Ambient Scent for a natural experience
• Integrated body cooling with power control in side panel

Convenient usage
• Digital User Interface to control timer, bodycooler & facial

Safe tanning
• Automatic shut-off after 30 mins with double safety function
• 2 pairs of eye-protecting goggles
HB 585
24TL + HPA facial
• 24 Cleo Performance S tubes
• PowerTan face tanner
• Stereo Active sound module
• Ambient Scent
• Digital User Interface

Product highlights
24 Cleo Performance S tubes
Cleo Performance S tubes ensure an optimal and even tanning
result in a short amount of time.
PowerTan face tanner
The PowerTan face tanner comes with a 400W HPA lamp for
great facial tanning.
Optimised side tanning
Optimised tide tanning is achieverd thanks to the Sunbeds’
curved design. This means the UV rays are able to reach your
entire body, including the sides.
Stereo Active sound module
With the Stereo Active speakers you can connect any CD or MP3
player, via an universal connection cable. Enjoying your own
favourite music while tanning makes your tanning session even
more enjoyable and relaxing.
Ambient Scent
Ambient Scent to create a natural experience. The 3 fragrances
‘Green Oasis’, ‘Summer Blue’ and ‘Orange Valley’ enrich your tanning
Integrated body cooling with power control
Integrated body cooling, with 2 adjustable fans integrated in the
side panel, keeps your body cool during the tanning session. The
body-cooling unit can be switched on and off acoording to your
own personal preference.
Automatic shut-off with double safety function
The Sunbed automatically shuts off after 30 minutes to prevent
you from tanning too long (e.g. when you fall asleep while
tanning). The double safety function ensures that the Sunbed also
shuts down if the timer fails.
2 pairs of eye-protecting goggles
Two pairs of goggles are included, to protect your eyes from the
UV light.
Digital User Interface
The Digital User Interface enables you to easily control the settings
of the timer, bodycooler and facial unit. You can adjust the
settings to your personal preference before and during your
tanning session.
HB 585
24TL + HPA facial

Electronic Features
• Voltage: 230 V
• Frequency: 50 Hz
• Power: approx. 2900 W
• Lamps: Cleo Performance S; 20x100 + 4x80 W
• Starter: 24 x S12 Starter, or Cleo Starter
• Lamp facial: HPA 400 W
• Starter facial: 1 x KCD-G400
• Number of fans: 7
• Cord length: 3 m
Logistic data
• Product size closed: 1870x880x930 mm
• Product size open: 1870x880x1310 mm
• Packaging size canopy: 2110x1070x360 mm
• Packaging size couch: 2110x1070x360 mm
• Canopy weight (excl. packaging): 52 kg
• Couch weight (excl. packaging): 50 kg
• Canopy weight (incl. packaging): 61 kg
• Couch weight (incl. packaging): 59 kg
• Pallet quantity: 1 (on special pallet 220x113cm)
• EAN code: 87 122329 07 63 8
• Artnr.: 17434Safety
• Timer: 30 min. timer integrated in Digital User Interface
• Insulation: Kema Class II (double Insulated)
• Safety norm: acc. to European CENELEC requirements,
UV type III
• Number of safety goggles: 2


Topaz 24-1C Combi Sunbed
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